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 Other games

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PostSubject: Other games   Sun 4 May 2008 - 21:06

Hello everybody,

It might happen to you after you played the nice game TMNF that you feel kind a bored.
Well, there is no problem with this, then just try to play another game as well.

On this topic I'll ask people to discuss their own experiences with online games (which are free of price).

I'll start with the first game:


Gunbound is a very nice game.
It's about you getting gold to buy avatars which improves your: attack, defence, power etc. etc. and earn GP (gunbound points) which makes you getting a better rank so you can play against/withmore skillfull players.
Each week new avatars are available.
You can play in different modes which makes it varied.
There is also an online chat so you can talk to anybody and you can also make people your buddy if you want, so you can easily join their game.

So I would say, download Gunbound and give it a try!

For me this is a successful game!
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Other games
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